Zone-V (Khayaban-e-Kashmir-II)

Khayaban-e-Kashmir-II, Zone-V was launched in 2005. The scheme is consisted on 4500 allottees for which 4000 Kanals land is owned by Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society. The Layout Plan and Engineering Designs of Khayaban-e-Kashmir-II, (Phase-I) Zone-V have been approved by the CDA. vide letter No. CDA/PLW-HS(RP)2(767)04/131 dated 10.12.2007 and letter No. CDA/PLW-HS(RP)2(767)/2004/151 dated 20-04-2009. Provisional plots numbers have been allotted to members through balloting and the work of main approach road via Zone-IV is started. The remaining land is being purchased on availability of funds. All documents for issuance of NOC have already been submitted to the CDA and its issuance is expected shortly. Contract of Development work has also been awarded and development work is started accordingly. Layout Plan of remaining land is under process. T.B.S of Sui Gas has also been installed in the Scheme. An amount of Rs.1.02 billions is due from members of Zone-V which is the main hindrance in the process of development and completion of land.

(a) 600 sq. yards

(b) 500 sq. yards

(C) 356 Sq.Yard

(c) 272 sq. yards

(d) 200 sq. yards

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