Kashmir Model Town (K-M-T)

Kashmir Model Town is the first Housing Scheme of Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society consisting on 3700 Kanals. The whole land is compact and owned by the Society. LOP and NOC are approved. All the plots were allotted before 1990. Development work was carried out 20 years earlier. However, by the passage of time and non-construction of houses by the allottees the development work was dilapidated. The sitting Management started the repair and rehabilitation work in the Scheme. Electricity has been provided and office has been put in working condition alongwith the provision of relevant staff. Markazi Masjid has been constructed, possessions are being given to the allottees. Security arrangements have been made. A model house has also been constructed in the Scheme to attract the members to construct their houses.

(a) 1000 sq. yards

(b) 500 sq. yards

(C) 356 Sq.Yard

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