Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Hills Islamabad

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A new residential journey, Faisal hills Islamabad, developed by the Zedem international, is now up your way near Taxila region. Faisal Hills is a project of Faisal Town, Islamabad that is emerging with great feedback because of its outstanding lifestyle that will give you a lifetime exposure to adventures of a dream life.

Where Is Faisal Hills Located

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Faisal hills is located near Taxila region. Taxila is known as an industrial hub in Pakistan where there are not much living opportunities available for people. The project heads thought of coming up with a housing scheme to provide Pakistanis with a chance to make residencies in a region where they can work and live the luxurious life at the same time.

The housing society is constructed on the land that is near Taxila region as mentioned earlier on the G.T. road. This is also near the sectors MPCHS in Islamabad. The land location allows the residence to enjoy the beautiful views of margalla hills from the comfort of theor home balconies in the society. The best part about this architectural plan is that everthing is affordable!

The area is approved by Rawalpindi development authority RDA. However the LOP has not been issued as of yet. It is in under process of being allotted. Anyhow, the society is offering a wide range of plots and to book them, you must hurry as the project promises first come first served policy. The booking is open.

  • The Residency And Plots

The society designed plots of different sizes for its residents. The plot sizes include:

5 Marlas

7 Marlas

10 Marlas

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

The plots can be bought in two ways either by paying the full payment and possessing it right away or through instalment plans through which the possession can be taken after some time. The registration is starting from 10,000 rupees.

Faisal Hills Map

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The Payment Plan

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Facilities Offered

There are many facilities that the Faisal hills are offering including the following listed down below:

  1. High security – community gated and walled to ensure proper boundary for distinguished and highly secured housing society.
  2. Electricity and sui gas system – as Pakistan has been suffering a lot of sui gas shortage and extreme load shedding in the previous times, the society has its own electricity and sui gas system.
  • Clean and safe drinking water system
  1. Parks and children play areas
  2. Sports complex and jogging tracks
  3. Markets, schools, mosques
  4. Community center

The Newsletter

Faisal hills has its own newsletter and its latest edition is dated June/July, 2019. It shares important news about all the recent updates about current and future development plans, price changes, and the internal matters.

The Housing Scheme Blocks

Initially, there were three blocks A, B, C, but now an additional block E is added as well that is exclusive. ‘E’ stands for Executive block. It is on the entrance of the G.T. road development work of the housing society. The prices are not final yet.

The Salient Features Of The Newsletter

It comprises of more than 12,000 plots.

The road of 150Ft. width is under construction after approval from the G.T road and NHA issuance that will connect the housing society with the main G.T road.

There will be two entrances to the Faisal hills from the main G.T road. The second entrance is planned to be constructed 225 ft. wide.

The chowk ALLAH WALA MONUMENT is constructed marvelously.

A construction of bridge on the nulla is also under construction that is supposed to connect to G.T. road through a 150 ft. wide road.

A mall to be constructed comprising of 4 floors out of total 22 stories building. The architect design is headed by Jamshed Khan who is the leading architect today.

Work on the parks has started. One park in A block and the three parks in the executive or E block.

The Jamia masjid inaugurated in June, and holds a capacity of 3000 prayers.

The executive block consists of the sport complex that is supposed to have cricket, football and basketball grounds.

The parks in the E block will have swing sets, gazebos and benches. It also plans to add barbecue spots.

The society will have more than forty property offices.

The 5 floor building for the purpose of transferring files and other official work is also under process of being built by the architect Abdul Basit.


The Faisal hills is an opportunity of a lifetime comfort amidst the industrial hub known as Taxila. It is a landmark of homes that allow you to not just live a tranquil life in beautiful place surrounded by natural views of Margalla hills but also gives you the freedom to carry out your business and industrial work easily because of its premium location. Whoever will come to Faisal hills, will not regret, a guaranty we can offer with all our heart!

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